almost there but…..

Like mirage oh justice,
Like rain in the desert,
Like pregnancy to the barren,
Like freedom to the fugitive,
Almost there but not yet.

My peace strangled,
My hopes are strangled,
Unfairness looms around me,
Everyone fighting to see,
The light by himself,
But almost there but yet.

Who bewitched you Justice,
Not found on roads and courts,
Not found in churches and mosques,
In the house of the poor or the rich,
Who can find you justice,
Almost there but yet.

I rest my case here justice,
Without you I find no peace,
Without you my dreams are dead,
And my children will not see you,
And the whole world will not find you.


Days of darkness

In the days of darkness,
When everyone sees no sense,
In deeds of humanity,
In the joy of unity,
In people’s liberty,
There is need for Justice.

In the days of darkness,
When demons are happy,
They feed on blood of the good,
And spare the bad,
For they are birds of same feathers,
They have no room for the good.

In the days of darkness,
Everyone looks for refuge,
All the good are prey,
Hunted by the wild,
Like fugitives have no choice,
Some succumb to dark forces.

In the days of darkness,
The poor is the puppet,
Tossed to and fro,
To benefit the master,
Who is hungry for treasure,
Does all wikedness for pleasure.

In days of darkness,
There’s need for sanity,
Wickedness to uproot
And order to plant,
And humanity to growy,
In children of the old.

What is this life like?

Life is a story, no one can guess how it ends,

Life is like a numerical problem, whoever works it well has the goodies

Life is a mystery, no one clearly understands what it is

Life is a long journey,needs patience to get to destiny

Life is a riddle, whoever finds the correct answer has a reward.

The Child is Born..

In Bethlehem of Judea,

The a unique child is born,

The Lamb of of God,

The Lion of the tribe of Judah,

He is the prince of peace,

And the king of Kings,

His kingdom everlasting,

Not similar to that of men,

All mortals be happy,

For your rescue has come,

Jesus Christ The Son of God.

You Amaze Me !…

You amaze me with your nature, Same yesterday,
Same today and tomorrow,
The alpha and omega,
You are and you will be.

Am perplexed with your deeds
Amused with your wisdom,
In the short days,
You created all things
All perfect and good.

You amaze me with your dwellings,
You live in heaven,
And in hearts of the righteous,
But not in houses build by men.

You amaze me with your love,
You love the rich and the poor,
The sick and the healthy,
The sinners and the good,
You accommodate then in your house.

You amaze me with your mercy,
You forgive thieves and murderers,
Liers and the immoral,
You call them your own,
And appoint them in your kingdom.

You amaze me with your care
Carry no gun or sword,
You are an eye to the blind,
And an ear to the deaf
And a tongue to the mute
And a lamp in darkness.

You deserve to be God,
The only mighty one,
The everlasting king,
With no qualities of man,
Let all men be silent before you,
And kingdoms tremble before you.

By Aggrey Juma

Work, Family or Both….

The maid must wake early to prepare John then take him to school .Mommy is too busy because she wakes late but must get to work early.

After completing house chores, the maid goes pick John from school ,there is no one to pick him. John arrives home on time and spends the rest of time with with the maid.

This house is in trouble the maid does everything until mommy has no job left therefore, she has won the heart of daddy. She spreads his bed also.

Christmas is approaching, daddy picks the maid to accompany him to the supermarket then spoils her with goodies as a reward for the good care.

John has no time with either mommy or daddy, he grows up like a weed in a fertile land because the maid cant guide him well. His parents are too busy.

Then comes a day of reckoning, Family is crumbled because daddy now has a secret affair with the maid. He claims the well of love for mommy dried up when she got busy with office work.

John on the other side is a drug addict and a thief, he claims mommy and daddy love him no more. His future is in prisons.

Who a you blaming for your wrongs?

If mommy and daddy had time for their family, they could rescue their marriage and their son John. Many find it a challenge to balance office and family but it is important.

Aggrey Juma

Wicked Love Intentions

He carefully walks beside you,

He cautiously chooses what to tell you,

He does not reject what benefits him regardless of its effect,

He misses no to celebrate his gains from you,

His ideas are inclined to favour him,

You gain very little from him but you hardly notice,

He feels insecure when you get curious,

Flee him before its too late,

He will soon rejoice when you fail,

His ways lead to destruction,

He has wicked intentions.

Song  of hope

Originally posted on soft poems

soft poems

A silent song sung from a bruised feeble heart,

A ballad for a voiceless human on a hopeless island,

It’s a feeling of humanity for the suffering mortals,

It’s for them with endless cries for the rare justice,

To soothe them that have past pains from brutal leaders,

To comfort those entangled in chains of humiliation,

There is hope for a tree to sprout when cut down,

No one kill a dream of the determined one,

I see light at the end of the tunnel.

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Teach me mama…(song of the African daughter)

The world isn’t what i knew to be,

Not bright like i used to imagine,

Ways are not smooth like i used to think,

So my dreams were lies?

Teach me mama.

You had a dream for your daughter,

You wished her a life to live,

At your feet i sit today,

In your wisdom how did you get here?

And how did you get the grey hair?

Teach me mama.

What do when am angry?

Tell me what i do when hopeless?

Who is the right friend for me?

What do you expect of me?

What i need to be where i should be?

Teach me mama..

My African Darling..

She gazes at me with a grin,

Her white teeth attracts my smile,

The she asks a soft voice,

” How was your day my love?”

She brings her milk in a calabash,

Drink it for my love,

And forget your agonies.

She runs into the hut,

Has no time to waste on stories,

But quickly draws water for me to shower,

“I know you are tired my love, take shower and relax. The day was tough for you”

In love i accept not to disapoint .

O my African darling.

She is busy with house chores,

From a distance i hear her softly sing ,

Soothing our baby to sleep,

But her hands are restlessly working ,

Preparing mats for the market,

o my African darling.

Has stories to tell me,

That her granny taught her,

To love with commitment,

To care for her people,

She amazes me with love,

I will do everything to please her,

My African darling.